Mission and Vision


To create a corps of dedicated, knowledgeable individuals providing education, stewardship, citizen science, and leadership services to stakeholders in the State of Arizona.


Our membership is regionally fluent in the natural and cultural history of Arizona, skilled in natural resource management techniques and actively participates in citizen science initiatives. Members possess leadership skills and abilities complimentary to needs of partner agencies in Arizona.

An Arizona Master Naturalist Is ...

About Us

Volunteers making observations on a jojoba plant.

Who we are...

We are a trained and certified corps of volunteers who provide community service to organizations in need of citizen science, stewardship, and educational assistance. We work collaboratively with Natural Resource Community Partners, in service to existing volunteer opportunities. 

Where we work...

Master Naturalists work across the state of Arizona in all communities where natural resource volunteer opportunities exist. Find a chapter near you or become a Local Chapter Leader and host a course for your community. 

Conifer on Mt. Lemmon.

What we do...

We are skilled volunteers who can assist with research, education, outreach, stewardship, program development, and analysis. Requirements for the program include completing a 60-hour training course, and giving back 60 hours of volunteer service annually.