Training Requirements


Become a Natural Resource Leader

Certified Arizona Master Naturalists provide education, outreach, and interpretive services to a variety of stakeholders including, but not limited to, education entities, state and city government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Arizona Master Naturalists also participate in the stewardship of natural and cultural resources by participating in activities designed to do so. Arizona Master Naturalists contribute to increased and evolving scientific understanding of the region through participation in citizen science initiatives.    

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60-Hour Course Experience

A major part of our training consists of learning to effectively communicate with many types of audiences and stakeholders Master Naturalist Volunteers encounter in the field.  Members must complete 60 hours of course work in the natural history, ecosystems, flora, fauna, and cultural history of Arizona. Due to Arizona's diversity regional content differs but the amount of hours required for certification does not. 

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Volunteer Service

To become certified an Arizona Master Naturalist must complete 60 hours of volunteer service in approved projects. Volunteer service is the heart of our program and is what sets us apart from a basic course in natural history. To remain certified the Master Naturalist must annually give back 60 hours of service to our Natural Resource Community. 

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