The Arizona Master Naturalist course ...

... IS


  • a volunteer training program
  • enriched by reflective practice
  • an experiential learning opportunity
  • a collaborative learning environment
  • a program designed to inspire participants to take the LEAD in designing and delivering programs with Natural Resource Community Partners
  • supportive of other community natural resource docent programs by providing volunteers possessing enhanced skills and are certified leaders
  • systems-based thinking 
  • modeled after the Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education and Community Partnerships as laid out by the North American Association for Environmental Education
  • designed to enhance skills and knowledge the participation already possesses
  • a nationally recognized program supported by and affiliated with the Alliance for Natural Resource Outreach Providers 

... IS NOT


  • a basic course in the natural cultural history and ecology of Arizona
  • strictly a formal learning environment
  • complete after the 18-week classroom experience
  • a certification to be used for personal monetary gain
  • designed to teach you everything you need to know about the local environment
  • an exercise in a memorization of facts and species
  • a passive series of lectures

While we support other organizations offering such content, the Master Naturalist Association and its programs are designed to be Natural Resource Volunteer Leadership training programs moving beyond the basic communication of ecological knowledge. 

We believe these above-outlined experiences to be important contributions to the life-long learning of our citizens and Master Naturalists often participate in them as Advanced Training Opportunities.