Types of partners


Partners shape our success

Partnering organizations help us shape the course to meet the needs of the natural resource community in Arizona.  Organizations who partner with us host trainings, sponsor volunteer projects and programs, provide input on content, and help us build a corps of trained and skilled volunteers ready to participate. If you'd like to partner with us contact info@azmasternaturalist.org for more information. 

Statewide Collaborators & Collaborating Organizations

Statewide Collaborators and Collaborating Organizations support the organization at the highest level. They provide strategic guidance to meet the needs of stakeholders in all communities across Arizona, advising on content development and volunteer needs. 

Our Steering Committee

Local Chapter Sponsors

Local Chapter Sponsors and their leaders host training courses and manage volunteers in their community. They are responsible for facilitating the day to day operations of the chapter and organizing curriculum, instructors, and hosting the training courses. Local Chapters meet the specific needs of the regional ecosystem and Natural & Cultural Resource Community Partners. Questions about getting started? Download our Chapter Chartering Guide and email info@azmasternaturalist.org.

Chapter Charter Guide

Chapter Community Partners

Chapter Community Partners are organizations who have projects they seek to staff with skilled volunteers. The Arizona Master Naturalist Association and its chapters promote Natural Resource Community Partner projects to its volunteer corps. The Association designs and provides training to hone volunteer skills in program planning, citizen science, stewardship, and education. to be connected with your Local Chapter Sponsor and request information about how to share your available volunteer programs email info@azmasternaturalist.org.

Course Instructors

Course instructors provide content for classroom training experiences or lead educational in the field. Course instructors also provide guidance on curriculum development or serve as a subject matter experts in their field. If you'd like to join us as an instructor, email info@azmasternaturalist.org and let us know what courses you are able to teach and where in the state you are located. We'll connect you with the nearest Chapter Sponsor. 

Donors and Sponsors

Donors and sponsors provide financial support to the Association to enhance our role as a community leader in the Natural Resource Outreach. We are thankful for the support of our community donors and partners - without them we would not be a success.

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